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Kathleen Henry founded Dairyland Public Interest Law in 2019 to provide affordable legal services to people acting for the public good. Ms. Henry has over 30 years of experience as an attorney, and has handled a wide variety of matters – from criminal appeals to plaintiffs’ environmental litigation. For seventeen years she was President of Great Rivers Environmental Law Center, a nonprofit environmental law firm in St. Louis, Missouri. She moved to Madison, Wisconsin, in September 2019, to return to her husband’s home town. Ms. Henry is licensed to practice law in Wisconsin, Missouri, and the District of Columbia, and admitted to many federal courts including the United States Supreme Court.

Ms. Henry has successfully prevailed in the Missouri Supreme Court and Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District. She brought back the right of people to speak at zoning hearings in one county, brought back the right of people to appeal permits issued to CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations), and successfully argued people have the right to post anonymously to websites. She looks forward to working in Wisconsin as well as Missouri.

North American Whooping Crane
Baraboo Wisconsin

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